Ask any realtor and they will tell you one of the more tedious parts of the home buying process is the creation of a Repair Addendum. Traditionally, this process involves a cumbersome experience for both the realtor and the buyer. Dealing with document transfers, hand-written lists, all while managing a conference call, which can take time and attention away from your client. What if there was a technology available to reduce the process to less than an hour, eliminating the cutting and pasting, and eliminating tedious note taking? Well, Dakota Property Inspection, LLC has done that and is offering this amenity with every inspection at no charge!

While using the Repair Request Builder you will catch yourself remembering more from the conversation with your client and what issues are most important to them. By using the Repair Request Builder and applying the Residential Construction and Remodeling Estimates, your negotiation process will accelerate and you will provide your client a much deeper level of service.

The Repair Request Builder application is quite simply, the easiest and most effective way to create the Repair Addendum. The available tools, level of service, and satisfaction rating of our clients proves Dakota Property Inspection is the area’s #1 inspection company! Give us a Call Today to schedule your Home Inspection, Warranty Inspection, or Maintenance Inspection.