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The Possible Dangers of Asbestos in Homes

Asbestos and Home Inspections Asbestos.com and the Mesothelioma Center reached out to me to write a post dealing with asbestos, it’s health implications, and it’s removal. Although the INTERNachi Standards of Practice for Home Inspections do not require licensed home inspectors to report on the presence of asbestos, ethically I believe most home inspectors will […]

Spring Thaw Maintenance Top 5 Tips

The Spring Thaw Is Here Can you feel it? Is that the spring thaw? Yeah, that slight anxious feeling when we see the mercury rise ABOVE freezing!  We’re all itching for spring! However, with the warmer temperatures and impending spring thaw (I promise, it will eventually); there are things to be done.  Time to start […]

Frozen Pipes

Tips for avoiding a flood in your home when the weather warms up With the deep freeze that has monopolized our region these past weeks, there is a chance that some pipes may have frozen.  Here are a few tips to reduce any potential of bursting pipes when the warmer weather arrives and to save […]

Minot Home Inspector Cleared in Killing….

Home Inspector Cleared Of All Charges! After a thorough investigation, local authorities say a Minot home inspector, initially the leading suspect for killing a real estate deal, has been cleared. He was dubbed “Deal Killer” by people close to the victim. The victim, per the listing agent, was in perfect condition and had been meticulously […]

Monster Free Home Guarantee

The Monster Free Home Guarantee Moving is tough, and it can be hard on children too.  My son sleeps soundly in his own bed every night with a night light. My son knows our home is monster free. So when we visit friends or family, he is petrified of the dark and needs her light. […]

The High Cost of a Cheap Inspection

Don’t Go With A Cheap Inspection, Go With The Best. I HAVE TO ADMIT THAT THIS YEAR HAS BEEN INTERESTING – AND FRUSTRATING. This is a year that has included my usual residential work with some great people. I worked with folks that wanted the “cheap inspection”. Some folks that were less than neat and […]

Keep The Cold Out With Thermal Imaging

Poor Insulation Found With Thermal Imaging Owning and maintaining a home in North Dakota presents many challenges. The range of temperatures that we face throughout our 4 seasons is at the top. The heat of the summer and the extreme cold in the winter months are hard to ignore. If your home is not properly […]

Let’s Talk About Mold – Mold Inspection

.A home inspection I did the other day resulted in mold testing, which brings this post to mind. Most know it’s not healthy for us when inhaling or coming in contact with mold. Once in awhile I will receive a phone call asking for Mold testing. A mold inspection is required before any testing can […]

Why Hire an Inspector With A Drone?

Why would you want to hire a home inspector with a drone, or even purposely search for one while considering who to hire? This is a great questions, and one we will answer today. Why Can’t You Walk On My Roof? The InterNACHI Standards of Practice does not require an inspector to walk on a roof. […]

Create a Repair Addendum in Under an Hour

Repair Addendum Creation We want to provide the best service in town! Our investment in the latest tools and technology shows we care. We aim to give more than expected to our clients and realty partners. Our realty partners keep the secret to themselves, and we are going to let it out. Our software has […]